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Want to improve bird and litter performance? Pressure Settings Simplified can show you how.

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Biofilm: Catch cups also harbor biofilm.

Catch cup watering systems present an additional biofilm challenge that is not found in non-catch cup watering systems. The purpose of a catch cup is to “catch” some of the water that is spilled during the drinking process from nipples

Biofilm: What not to do.

In our last article we talked about how to eliminate and prevent biofilm build up in watering systems (click here to see article). But it is also important to know that some common practices being used to rid watering system

Biofilm: How to prevent and eliminate it.

Keeping your watering system biofilm-free begins with a regular schedule of high pressure flushing of the drinker lines (click to see “Biofilm: What it is, what it does“). Most watering systems today come with a flushing mechanism that makes drinker

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